Another Poem Made By the Princess of Awesomeness on Earth

Made By the Princess of Awesomeness on Earth

Dog-Prince of Dumb-land

Once upon a time there was a knight of some castle,

He was a dumbass,

And thought that a dog was his master,

The knight himself was sure that the dog was a prince,

But sure, no, he wasn't even three Inch.

The dog was now spoiled,

And his master was none,

His dad was a copper and sister a nun.

Now, today he was bored, and his knight was sick.

Not that he cared,

But now nobody could throw him a stick.

He had been wondering why a stick was associated with fun?,

Maybe because the other fun was none.

There wasn't much to do in this country of dumb,

And now he had run his games,

And then he's thombs were all numb.

The knight just sat in his chair fighting to become okay,

But nowadays in this land "okay" isn't really "okay".

The dog was so bored that he made the knight stand up, and said:

"If you don?t play with me, I"ll throw you in the river, so do as I say, or you"ll not be a liver."

The knight soon started to run,

the dog-prince wondered if he should call his mom.

"Please come back!" he screamed to the Knight running fast.

"I"ll die here without you, I don't know how to cook or even play dart"

The knight didn't hear him, and ran over the hedge,

Now soon he had run his way over the edge.

He ran so far that he could spot the sea,

He didn?t quit running,

He wanted to be free.

And now he was, and could do stuff he'd like,

But his pocket was empty,

And he didn't know how to hike.

So then he was stucked in this world all alone,

He was tired and sleepy,

And he thought about mom.

The funny thing, though, was that he was okay,

He even started to walk home at the same that day.

The Dog-Prince shouted as loud as he could,

Dog and knight became best friends and found out that they would move to a place called Snud.

Snud is a land of no Dumbness and fear.

But the ones living there is, well, kind of queer.

Every Monday morning they go to the shopping mall,

They're stealing from the market,

And squeezes fruit on the wall.

But the only thing that matters is that dog and knight are friends,

And we can't see if the friendship ends.


Jeg limte inn fra mitt snn awesome word-dokument, s det ble snn super-awesome skrift!

Jeg brukte skriften "chiller" hh.

Hva jeg tenkte mest p da jeg skrev diktet, var vel strengt tatt Adventure Time. Men jeg fr bilder i hodet av slike fine ser og snt. Det fr meg til tenke p lange fine lyse dager, med noen snne awesome skyer som bare flyter rundt p himmelen og tar form til rare og bissarre ting mens man bare ligger i gresset med en hatt p huet og vet at du ikke skal p skolen dagen etterp og ikke har noe viktig kjedelig tenke p.

Er for lite steder som dette i Norge.

- Lyra

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29.05.2012 kl.23:06

Lol, du eier skrive dikt, just sayin'


29.05.2012 kl.23:39

hahahahah, du eii i skriv dikt :3


01.06.2012 kl.10:36

SV: Haha, genial tale. Og du har jo helt rett. vre lykkelig etter deres mening er jo jobb, sove, spise. Det er det samme som de skriver p facebook og snn: "Endelig hjemme med den steste familien min, etter en hard men fin jobbdag" ogs er egentlig familien helt jvlig og ungene sm dritunger og hu sitter der og holder seg for ra. (S det p en reklame, haha)

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