Et til dikt!

Denne gangen skal jeg poste et dikt kalt jeg skrev under en tentamen, som heter"Tales of another pyro-land".

Tales of another Pyro-land

Long time ago in a land called Foo,

There was an old lady that didn't have much to do.

She was about hundred and she was a witch.

She didn't have any friends, and she was kind of bitch.

The lady was lonely and found out that she,

Would try to find her some friends,

so sthat she could play hide and see'.

The witch, then, went flying her broomstick of air,

She wanted to find someone that maybe would care.

But no one she met wanted to come out,

And she soon started wondering if it was her fault.

Well, it was, and no one was afraid to tell:

So the lady alone started a dangerous kind of spell,

She cried out loud and made the decide

"you guys will die in this fire!"

The village was on fire,

There wasn't any place to hide.

Soon the smoke had found its way to the clouds,

When the village was dead and the people was all gone,

A plenty of news spread all over the town.

The hug-spiders was the first ones that left,

And soon the witch was alone in these forests of death.

The witch was alone again, but she didn't regret.

Now she had a whole town, and all the food she could get!

She screamed out in joy,

She was evil at once.

But I forgot to tell you that,

So she killed all the ones.

Without any regret she went home to get her baggage,

She said:"I look forward to put all this inside my new garage!"

Copyright!!! :D

- Lyra

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22.05.2012 kl.12:44

HAHAHAHAHAHA, dette er det beste diktet jeg noen gang har lest med humor, serist. Du m bli dikter. Genialt.

SV: Beste illusjon ever, men er helt enig. Jeg har tenkt p det noen ganger, det der med facebook. For da kunne jeg pratet med sskenbarna mine i Namsos og det, og med Martine til og med. Men s gidder jeg liksom bare ikke. Alle de statusdritene og jallagreiene. Ogs det ikke ha facebook er en genial unnskyldning for glemme bursdager xD


23.05.2012 kl.20:37

SV: Joo :o Det er rart. Og det er nesten ingen Twilight fans lengre, n er alle spredt p forskjellig ting..

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